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  • wardrobe-knobs-manufacture-white-porcelain-rosette-door-set-with-white-porcelain-knobs-privacy-in-polished-brass-Antique Brass, Passage - 2 3/8
  • wardrobe-knobs-manufacture-white-porcelain-rosette-door-set-with-white-porcelain-knobs-privacy-in-polished-brass-Antique Brass, Privacy - 2 3/8
  • wardrobe-knobs-manufacture-white-porcelain-rosette-door-set-with-white-porcelain-knobs-privacy-in-polished-brass-Antique Pewter, Double Dummy
  • wardrobe-knobs-manufacture-white-porcelain-rosette-door-set-with-white-porcelain-knobs-privacy-in-polished-brass-Antique Pewter, Passage - 2 3/8
  • wardrobe-knobs-manufacture-white-porcelain-rosette-door-set-with-white-porcelain-knobs-privacy-in-polished-brass-Antique Pewter, Privacy - 2 3/8
  • wardrobe-knobs-manufacture-white-porcelain-rosette-door-set-with-white-porcelain-knobs-privacy-in-polished-brass-Oil-Rubbed Bronze, Double Dummy
  • wardrobe-knobs-manufacture-white-porcelain-rosette-door-set-with-white-porcelain-knobs-privacy-in-polished-brass-Oil-Rubbed Bronze, Passage - 2 3/8
  • wardrobe-knobs-manufacture-white-porcelain-rosette-door-set-with-white-porcelain-knobs-privacy-in-polished-brass-Oil-Rubbed Bronze, Privacy - 2 3/8
  • wardrobe-knobs-manufacture-white-porcelain-rosette-door-set-with-white-porcelain-knobs-privacy-in-polished-brass-Polished Brass, Double Dummy
  • wardrobe-knobs-manufacture-white-porcelain-rosette-door-set-with-white-porcelain-knobs-privacy-in-polished-brass-Polished Brass, Passage - 2 3/8
  • wardrobe-knobs-manufacture-white-porcelain-rosette-door-set-with-white-porcelain-knobs-privacy-in-polished-brass-Polished Brass, Privacy - 2 3/8
  • wardrobe-knobs-manufacture-white-porcelain-rosette-door-set-with-white-porcelain-knobs-privacy-in-polished-brass-Polished Chrome, Double Dummy
  • wardrobe-knobs-manufacture-white-porcelain-rosette-door-set-with-white-porcelain-knobs-privacy-in-polished-brass-Polished Chrome, Passage - 2 3/8
  • wardrobe-knobs-manufacture-white-porcelain-rosette-door-set-with-white-porcelain-knobs-privacy-in-polished-brass-Polished Chrome, Privacy - 2 3/8
  • wardrobe-knobs-manufacture-white-porcelain-rosette-door-set-with-white-porcelain-knobs-privacy-in-polished-brass-Satin Nickel, Double Dummy
  • wardrobe-knobs-manufacture-white-porcelain-rosette-door-set-with-white-porcelain-knobs-privacy-in-polished-brass-Satin Nickel, Passage - 2 3/8
  • wardrobe-knobs-manufacture-white-porcelain-rosette-door-set-with-white-porcelain-knobs-privacy-in-polished-brass-Satin Nickel, Privacy - 2 3/8

wardrobe knobs manufacture, White Porcelain Rosette Door Set With White Porcelain Knobs Privacy in Polished Brass

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Product Description Hardware Corporation has manufactured and exported all kinds of decorative hardware, cabinet hardware for over 20 years. We offer door hanldes, door knobs, cabinet pulls, cabinet knobs drawer pulls drawer knobs and components for window, door and cabinet. 

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  • Have a handyman setup your product at a time that works for you
  • No hassles; No fumbling with parts, complex instructions, or tools
  • Your handyman will ensure that your product is carefully inspected for safety
  • Quality services by a handpicked local handyman; Backed by Amazon's Happiness Guarantee
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  • Solid Forged Brass Plates/Rosettes for Crisp Detail
  • Available in 6 Finishes
  • Available In Passage, Privacy and Dummy Functions
  • Easy Installation Designed for Modern Pre-drilled Doors
  • Heavy Duty Spring Assisted Knobs
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Color Name:Polished Brass, Privacy - 2 3/8

This charming interior door set features white porcelain rosettes and matching knobs. It has a forged brass collar and shank, which comes in 6 classic finishes.

Door set dimensions: Porcelain knobs measure 2 3/8" W. Porcelain rosettes are 2 3/4" W.

Latch dimensions: Latch case: 7/8" diameter. Latch face plate: 2 1/4" H x 1" W.

Product information Color Name:Polished Brass, Privacy - 2 3/8Technical Details Additional Information
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We have over 20 years of trading and manufacturing experience. Currently we have over 50 subcontractors in both Taiwan and China. We collect competitive products from existing market and offer you one stop service to reduce your cost of transportation and communication.


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Our design apartment offer industrial design, mechanical design, dynamic simulation of assembly service. We take the “front-end loading ” while developing new products. We also design inspection tool for necessary stages. It effectively improved the yield rate and reduced the production lead-time and save your cost.

PS: Front-end loading includes robust planning and design early in a project's lifecycle (i.e., the front end of a project), at a time when the ability to influence changes in design is relatively high and the cost to make those changes is relatively low


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With our years of experiences, complete production records, reliable testing tool such as ATOS Industrial 3D Scanner and computer aided design / manufacturing (CAD/CAM), glass-door-handles-knobs can find out the root cause of the problem and provide corrective action in a very short time to reduce your losses.   

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The first thing we have to do if we want to effectively improve your purchasing experience, is improving the management of manufacturing. The problem is not every factory is willing to invest in high-end testing equipment, R&D department and continuously improving their management. With our team, glass-door-handles-knobs will bring you and your existing manufactures an unprecedented competition.


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